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You have an extensive list of trainings that help you to materially improve your chess:

1. Basics

2. Tactics

  • Training positions - a collection of checkmates, endgames and other tactical patterns for practice
  • Learn tactics by repetition - more checkmates and tactics
  • Find best move - a great function where you can replay challenging positions from your own games
  • Your daily test - play puzzles against the engine
  • Determine your calculating power - advanced visualisation training
  • Turn on the lights - further tactics training by category

3. Games

  • Play like a Grandmaster - emulate your favourite GMs by replaying their moves
  • Captures and threats in a game - visualise moves from games and then say which pieces can be captured and what pieces are threatened by the opponent.
  • Count moves - play through games and count all legal moves possible in a given position
  • Resistance Test - play against an engine without losing more than 100 centipawns
  • Learn a game - memorise important games by either repeating moves or finding the move played for a given side.

4. Openings

5. Endings

6. Long-term trainings

7. Game related trainings (these are seen in the Database view clicking on "Train")

  • Play against a game - Pick a side (White or Black) and replay each move of a game, trying to find the best move. You then get scored against the actual move and against the best engine move.
  • Create a tactics training - If you have a database of chess puzzles, you can turn them into actual tactics trainings with this function.