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This lets you analyse many of your games at once with an engine, thereby scoring each move and finding mistakes.

When you have a list of games, as in a database, you can choose Utilities / Mass analysis to bring up the main window. It behaves almost in the same way as the analysis window for single game analysis:

General settings

Main window of mass analysis

Most settings here are self-explanatory. Some points to mention:

  • Duration of engine analysis: set this to zero for unlimited analysis until your target Depth is reached.
  • Depth: how many half-moves (plies) do you want to look ahead when analysing moves
  • Number of moves evaluated by engine (MultiPV): How many lines do you want your engine to calculate - the Default settings means that many lines will be evaluated and that it will potentially take a long time to reach the depth you want. If you only care about the very best line, set MultiPV to 1. You can also experiment with 3 and 5.
  • Only player moves: when you make trainings (under "Wrong moves"), put your username here - otherwise trainings are generated from both sides of the game.

Wrong moves

Here you can create trainings from your mistakes - this is a great feature. See Find best move for an explanation.

Creating your own trainings from mistakes


This tab lets you add variations to each move if the move loses more centipawns than the threshold. Note that this can add significant time to the analysis.

Here you can add variations to your moves


This tab can highlight brilliant moves in your games depending on how difficult it was to find the move and how many points it gained. Just as in "Wrong moves" you can generate a training file out of all your brilliant moves.

You can highlight your brilliant moves and generate trainings from them as well